Place De La Cocarde

Sy Joynet

"Complicated and rhythmic, Sy Joynet and his power house of a band bring forth a collection of layers that range from Guitars and rhythm section, to piano and synths. The album all fits perfectly into a fusion of Jazz and Funk, bringing together a conglomeration of intensely configured rhythms, and intricately derived patterns. All the instrumentation is held together perfectly by spot on drumming, complimenting the just as complicated musical composer behind it. Similar to other Drummer spot lights, Sy Joynet shares a place with great solo acts like Steve Smith or Dave Weckl. Though, Joynet also features his talent for communication through synthesizers, separating his ability from the mainstream fusion artists.
Tr. 1 Seven Places – Great piano and bass lick, straying from the common four/four time signature, and holding a solid groove throughout this perfect opening song in seven.
Tr. 5 Birthday – Again in odd time signatures, Birthday takes you through an up beat energetic synth driven funk groove
Tr. 8 As Time Waits… - Solo synthesizer and piano close the album with a very laidback and pretty melody, which builds, and adds to its prettiness"
Damon Kellard at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
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