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Audio files are encoded with MPEG 1.0 Layer 3, 128kb.

Video Files are encoded with Sorenson 3 video compression technology, 320x240.

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1. Cycle of Change (David Gilmore, Steve Coleman) MP3 1,4MB

2. Change the Guard (Steve Coleman) MP3 1,5MB

3. Washfore (Sy Joynet) MP3 1,6MB

4. Mother Tongues (John McLaughlin) MP3 1,9MB

5. M.O.R. (Omar Rodrigues Calvo, Jonas Mo, Sy Joynet) MP3 1,5MB

6. Divin´ (Sy Joynet) MP3 1,5MB

7. A.N.T. (Sy Joynet) MP3 1,6MB

8. Romantic Warrior (Chick Corea) QuickTime Video 14MB

9. The Nag (John Scofield) QuickTime Video 14MB